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30 September 2011, Volume 29 Issue 03
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  • Sequence Analysis of Internal Transcribed Spacer of Ribosome Gene among Five Fagopyrum cymosum Samples
    ZHAO Hai-xia, BAI Yue-chen, CHEN Hui, WU Qi
    2011, 29(03):  299-303.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.03.001
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    The genetic relationship among different Fagopyrum cymosum was revealed by analyzing the internal transcribed spacer(ITS) sequences of five F. cymosum samples.The sequencing results showed that there were about 700 bp including the whole ITS1,5.8S and ITS2 regions.The further analysis indicated that ITS regions of five samples were 638-797 bp in length.With lack of gap as treatment,the whole ITS sequence consisted of 488 conserved sites,248 variable sites,67 information sites and 175 singleton sites.The sequence similarity among thirteen F. cymosum samples varies from 86.8% to 98.8%,and the main variation occurs on ITS1 area.The data indicated that abundant genetic diversity existed among different sources of F. cymosum.Phylogenetic tree was constructed by neighbour-joining method,which enriched genetic diversity of buckwheat at the molecular level.Analysis results showed that F. cymosum was mainly divided into two groups,and there was some correlation between the phylogenetic distance and the locality of collection.
    Genetic Analysis of Plant Height Mutants in Rice
    SONG You-liang
    2011, 29(03):  304-306.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.03.002
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    Five mutants "eR-1-eR-5" with elongated uppermost internode(eui) derived from indica rice "93-11" induced by Cobalt-60 gamma rays.Compared with those of wild type "93-11",plant heights and uppermost and second uppermost internodes of mutants significantly increased and elongated,panicle lengths of mutants significantly lengthened,the tillering ability was improved in mutants "eR-4" and "eR-5",and there was no significant difference in number of grains per panicle and seed setting rate,1 000-grain weights and yield per plant were reduced to different extents in mutants,especially significant decreases appeared in yield per plant of mutant "eR-1" and "eR-2".Allelic test indicated that the eui genes of mutants "eR-1,2,4,5" were allelic to each other and the previously reported eui,but non-allelic to the eui gene of mutant "eR-3",suggesting it is a new mutation.Genetic analysis of new eui mutant "eR-3" showed that the elongated uppermost internode(eui) trait was controlled by one recessive nucleic gene.
    Restoration of Inbred Line 068 to Cytoplasmic Male Sterile Lines in Maize
    NIU Xiu-fen, CAO Mo-ju
    2011, 29(03):  307-310.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.03.003
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    Taking isonuclear alloplasmic and isoplasmic allonuclear lines as examples,this experiment was to identify the fertility restoration of maize inbred line 068.Inbred line 068 was used as tested line to the male sterile materials,and the fertility of tested cross F1 and back cross BC1 was investigated.The results showed that 068 can restore the fertility completely to isonuclear alloplasmic male sterile lines with 478 nuclear background,partly restore the fertility to isonuclear alloplasmic male sterile lines with huangzaosi nuclear background and maintain the sterility for isonuclear alloplasmic male sterile lines with 48-2 nuclear background.Fertility restoration differences within each set of isonuclear alloplasmic male sterile lines were not detected,while fertility restoration differences existed between test hybrid F1 and backcross BC1.All these indicated that the component of nuclear background can influence the fertility.Inbred 068 may be used as co-restoration line for CMS-T,CMS-C and CMS-S with 478 background.The results laid a foundation for the utilization of multiple male sterile cytoplasms in the seed propagation and heterosis application of maize.
    Effects of High-temperature Stress on Physiological Characteristics of Seedling Leafin Simmondsia chinensis
    ZHANG Nian-nian, HUANG Wei-wei, HU Ting-xing, LI Xiao-qing, YIN Li, LIU Wen-ting
    2011, 29(03):  311-316,333.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.03.004
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    Using phytotron to simulate high temperature environment,the study was made on the physiological characteristics of leaves of S. chinensis under different degree of high-temperature stress(CK,T1,T2) were studied.The results showed that diurnal change of net photosynthetic rate(Pn) of CK was double peak type,but those under T1 and T2 were single-peak type and they decreased by 17.4% and 35.5% respectively than CK.With the intensification of the stress temperature,transpiration rate(Tr) and stomata conductance(Gs) decreased significantly,while the intercellular CO2 concentration(Ci) increased.It showed that the decrease of Pn wasn't mainly stomata factor.Moreover,the leaf relative water content(LRWC) decreased significantly.The content of chlorophyll(Chl),relative conductivity,the content of malondialdehyde(MDA),the activity of peroxidase(POD) and superoxide dismutase(SOD),Proline(Pro) and soluble sugar increased significantly with the intensification of the stress temperature.The research indicated that S. chinensis had a good high-temperature resistance capability.
    Effects of Nitrogen Supplement on Photosynthetic Characteristic and Growth rate of Poplar Plants Under Cadmium Stress
    ZHANG Fan, WAN Xue-qin, WANG Chang-liang, DING Yun-hai
    2011, 29(03):  317-321.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.03.005
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    In order to investigate the mechanism of plant detoxification against heavy metal,this study was made on the effects of CdCl2,Cd(NO3)2 and CdCl2+NH4HCO3 stresses on growth and photosynthetic characteristic of poplar plants by selecting the cutting poplar plants "107" as the experimental materials and using CdCl2 and Cd(NO3)2 to stress the poplar plants.The results showed that application of Cd(NO3)2 or CdCl2 by adding NH4HCO3 to the poplar culture soil could relieve the toxicity of cadmium to plants,and the growth of poplar plants,the content of chlorophyll a(Chl a) and chlorophyll b(Chl b),as well as photosynthesis,were significantly higher than those of the control.However,the addition of CdCl2 to the soil inhibited the growth of poplar plants and led to a decrease in photosynthetic pigment content and photosynthesis.It can be concluded that nitrogen plays an important physiological role in detoxifying plants from heavy metals,that addition of nitrogen can alleviate the toxicity of cadmium to plants,increase the content of chlorophyll and photosynthesis,and stimulate the growth of poplar plants.
    The Growth Characteristics of Phyllostachys pubescens Forest at Different Operation Time
    FAN Shao-hui, LIU Guang-lu, GUAN Feng-ying, JIANG Jun-ming, ZHENG Hong
    2011, 29(03):  322-326.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.03.006
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    The function of forest stand is based on the structure of forest.To explore the bamboo structure at operating time can provide theoretical support for the reasonable structure-adjustment technology.The growth characteristics and influence factors were investigated in bamboo forest.The results showed that there was extremely significant correlation between the operation time and the DBH,height of bamboo as well as the number of new bamboo.The DBH and height of bamboo increased in the first ten years,and then decreased with the operation time.The number of new bamboo decreased with the operation time.The DBH reached the maximum 11.24 cm,and the height of bamboo reached the maximum 14.79 cm within ten years.Afterwards,both the DBH and the height of bamboo decreased gradually.30 years later,the DBH decreased by 13.61% and the height of bamboo decreased by 7.71%.The results can be evidence for the argument of productivity degradation of bamboo forest with operation time.The path analysis showed that both direct path coefficient and indirect path coefficient of operation time to DBH and height of bamboo were largest.Therefore,the index of DBH and height of bamboo can reflect the productivity degradation of bamboo with operation time.
    RAPD Analysis Among Different Geological Provenances in Tripterygium wilfordii
    LI Jiang, FAN Wen-jie, CHEN Xin, XIE An-qiang, HONG Wei, WU Cheng-zhen
    2011, 29(03):  327-333.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.03.007
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    Using random amplified polymorphic DNA technology,the DNA polymorphism analysis of genomes of Tripterygium wilfordii Hook.F from 25 different provenances was made.12 primers with good polymorphism and chosen from the 105 Random Hexamers were used in RAPD(random amplified polymorphic DNA) amplification,the data from 25 provenances were used in cluster analysis by POP-GENE32 software,the data from all individuals were used to cluster analysis in DPS(9.5),and the data from the amplification of DNA fragments were used to construct the Phylogenetic Trees by UPGMA clustering methods.The results showed that the percentage of polymorphism bands is 91.14%,the information index of Shannon's was 0.442 7,the Nei's gene diversity index H was 0.297 3,the number of the observed alleles was 1.911 4,and the effective alleles' number was 1.512 0.These indexes all indicated that the 25 tested groups had relatively high genetic diversity.So to collect samples of Tripterygium wilfordii Hook.F from different populations for the reservation of the genetic diversity is very important to selecting improved variety.
    Productive Characteristics of Famous Green Tea of 5 Introduced Tea Plant Cultivars in West Sichuan Province
    LI Pin-wu, WU Yong-sheng, DU Xiao, SHAN Hong-li, YANG Hua, TANG Qian
    2011, 29(03):  334-341.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.03.008
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    In West Sichuan province,the characteristics of new buds,fresh leaves,main biochemical components and productive character of 5 tea plant cultivars("Yingshuang","Zhenong 117","Long leaf Longjing","Jinfeng",and "Wuniuzao") introduced from Zenjiang province and Fujian province,were studied.The results showed that:compared with two native popular cultivars of "Fudingdabaicha"(CK1) and "Fuxian9"(CK2),the introduced cultivars had excellent characters of new buds and adaptive main biochemical components such as higher content of catechu,total amino acid(3.29%-3.91%) and its components,moderate content of tea polyphenol(18.26%-25.04%),lower content of polyphenol and amino acid(5.04-7.47).Thanks to their high outputs and good qualities,"Wuniuzao" and "Long leaf Longjing" could be extended in Sichuan province.Compared with "Fuding","Zhenong 117" could be extended to some extent for its higher output but the same quality.As late sprouting cultivars,"Yingshuang" and "Jinfeng" could be cultivated with other cultivars to regulate the tea bud gathering time and quality of good famous tea.
    On the Relation of Cadmium Concentration in Vegetable Soil to Cadmium Contamination in Vegetables of Northern Guizhou
    CHEN Hong-liang, LONG Qian, TAN Hong
    2011, 29(03):  342-345,352.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.03.009
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    Taking Zunyi county in Guizhou province as example,this study analyzed and assessed the pollution of heavy metal Cd in vegetable soil with pollution index,and the concentration index of Cd in different varieties of vegetables with hierarchical cluster.The results showed that the average content of Cd in soil was 0.356 mg/kg,exceeding the set standard 72.6%.The average single pollution index of the investigated area was 1.19,showing low-grade contamination.The sequence of Cd content in different vegetables was: chili > tomato > cabbage > spinage > eggplant > cucumber > cowpea > kidney bean.The concentration of Cd was different in varieties of vegetables,among which the chili and tomato had higher concentration,with the concentration index 0.118 and 0.107 respectively.The Cd content in chili,tomato and cabbage showed a significantly positive correlation with the Cd content in the soils,spinage showing a most significantly positive correlation.
    Dynamic Change and Prediction of Land Use and Vegetation Coverage at Zhuozi County in Inner Mongolia
    ZHOU Xiang-shan, SUN Bao-ping, LI Jin-rong, ZHAO Yan, ZHONG Xiao-juan, WANG Yin-qian, FENG Lei, QIU Yi-dan
    2011, 29(03):  346-352.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.03.010
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    Taking Zhuozi county the typical county of returning farmland to forest in Inner Mongolia as the research object,according to the TM images and other auxiliary materials of the two periods in 1999 and 2007,this paper analyzed the change of land use,regional difference and transformation between various types,and used markov model to predict the dynamic changing trend of the land use in 2015.The results showed that in the Zhuozi county of Inner Mongolia in the period of 1999-2007,due to the implementation of the project of returning farmland to forest,the area of forest land and grassland was greatly increased respectively,while the area of cultivated land and waters was greatly reduced respectively.Accordingly,it can be said that the cultivated land,forest land and grassland were the dominant types of land use change in this area,and they had widely mutual transformation with other types of land use.By 2015,the area of grassland will be increased continuously,while that of the forest land and cultivated land will be reduced.Forest land,cultivated land and grassland are always the dominant types of land use and transformation.Therefore,reasonable use and protection of the forest land,grassland and cultivated land resources are the necessary ways to construct the ecological environment in Zhuozi County.
    Dynamic Observation and Measurement of Vegetation Coverage in Anding Region of Dingxi City
    SHI Bin, DI Li, LIN Bin
    2011, 29(03):  353-356.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.03.011
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    Vegetation fraction is a very important index to measure the vegetation coverage on land surface and can also be used as one of the important input parameters in such fields as soil erosion,ecological environment and so on.This paper collected the normalized different vegetation index by using the remote sensing images of TM in 1993,2005 and 2009 in Anding district of Dingxi city.According to the dimidiate pixel model,the vegetation fraction of the researched district was calculated,which has laid a foundation for remote sensing observation and quantitative analysis of vegetation coverage changes in this district.The results showed that due to the long-term mechanism for returning farmland to forest project since 2000,vegetation fraction increased from 24.96% in 1993 to 55.19% in 2009 and the total increased area of vegetation coverage was 1 099.73 km2,which directly provide a reliable basis for the management of soil erosion in this region.
    Single Rainfall-runoff Simulation of Liugou Basin Based on GIS
    LIU Li-xia, BI Hua-xing, XU Hua-sen, BAO Biao
    2011, 29(03):  357-364.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.03.012
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    Soil erosion in the Loess Plateau is stupendous,which has become the main obstacle to economic and social development,and among which water erosion is the most serious as it happens in more than half of the whole land.It can provide scientific basis for preventing loss of water and erosion of soil at the root to learn and grasp the rain-runoff principles and fundamental laws.In this paper,Liugou net watershed of Caijiachuan watershed in the Loess Area in the Western Shanxi Province is taken as the study area.Firstly,hydrological terrain factors are extracted on GIS platform,which shows the exact DEM and the channel location information.Then,the rainfall-runoff model is divided into four stage models-canopy interception,litter interception,soil infiltration and runoff yield and concentration,just as its actual progress.Through improving the predecessors' distributed hydrological models respectively,four stages of the rainfall-runoff model construction and computing work are implemented.At last,single heavy rainfall in Liugou basin is taken to examine the accuracy of the models.The relative error of each step is less than 0.3,and the total error is 0.28.The models can finish the actual simulated rainfall runoff process perfectly.Based on the different runoff volumes of different periods,the three-dimensional virtual simulation of the heavy rainfall-runoff on GIS platform is performed.Using the model and method,the previous rainfall-runoff process can be repeated,and the future can be predicted if the rainfall amount is known.Thus models and simulation can bring scientific reference for the relevant staff members of soil and water conservation to lay down appropriate soil and water conservation measures.
    The Changing Patterns of and Correlation among Nutrient Content, Enzyme Activities and Microorganism Biomass in Different Sandy Soils at Southern
    ZHANG Xiao-mei, PIAO Chun-gen, LI Shu-jiang, ZHU Tian-hui, ZHANG Xiao-juan, LIN Le-min
    2011, 29(03):  365-373.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.03.013
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    The conditions of soil nutrient,soil microorganisms and soil enzyme activities and their correlation with each other in the three kinds of sandy land(sand-flowing dune,semi-fixed sand and fixed sand) were studied in Erdos in order to provide theoretical basis for wind protection and sand fixation.The results were as follows:the season variation and vertical distribution of the activity of soil enzyme were irregular.In fixed sand,the activity of Alkali phosphatase.was weakened with the soil depth,and was highest under ground 1 cm and lowest in summer.In three plots,the predominant group was bacteria,actinomyces was the next and fungi was the least among soil microbes.The amount of bacteria,actinomyces,fungi and total microbes was all larger in fixed sand than in semi-fixed sand and the least in sand-flowing dune.The amount of soil microorganisms,namely bacteria,actinomyces and fungi,was positively correlated to the content of organic matter and total nitrogen and the activity of Alkali phosphatase,and not correlated to the activity of Polyphenol oidase and Urease.The amount of bacteria and microorganisms was significantly in positive correlation to the content of total kalium,but the amount of actinomyces and fungi was indistinctively correlated to the content of total kalium.In fixed sand and sand-flowing dune,the percentage of bacillus sp.was the highest in winter and the least in summer,and the quantity of bacteria was lowest in the same time.But in semi-fixed sand it was the highest in winter and the second in spring and the quantity of bacteria showed the same regularity.According to physiological-biochemical reaction,morphological characteristics and 16S rDNA sequence,Bacillus cereus,B. maroccanus,B. megaterium,B. subtilis,B. licheniformis.were identified as the mail bacillus species in sandlot.This study objectively indicated the conditions of fertility in different sandy soil at Southern Erdos,thereby providing important grounds for soil improvement,wind protection and sand fixation in this region.
    Harvest Maturity of “Hongyang” Kiwifruit and Preservation Effect of 1-MCP on its Fruits
    YE Xin, LI Kun-tong
    2011, 29(03):  374-377.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.03.014
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    Fruit firmness(FF),soluble solids content(SSC),titratable acid(TA),ascorbic acid(VC) content and ethylene production rate of "Hongyang" kiwifruit were tested to determine the optimum harvest stage and the preservation effect of cold storage preceded by fumigating with 1-MCP.The results showed that "Hongyang" kiwifruit could be harvested with full maturity in mid-to-late August,that FF decrease and SSC increase were significantly delayed by 1-MCP,which could restrain the ethylene production rate of the fruit efficiently.
    Influence of Camellia Gray Spot Disease on Foliar Fungal Communities
    ZHANG Li-na, ZHU Tian-hui, YANG Zuo-zhong, ZHANG Ji-fu
    2011, 29(03):  378-385.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.03.015
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    A comparison was made of such characteristics between the healthy and the diseased leaves of Camellia pitardii as the quantity,population composition and diversity index in seasons of the year in order to understand the relationship between foliar microflora and the occurrence of camellia gray spot disease.Results revealed that the total number and species richness of endophytic and epiphytic phyllosphere fungi in different seasons were greater in healthy leaves than in diseased leaves.Cladosporium cladosporioides and Botryosphaeria dothidea were separately recorded as major epiphytic phyllosphere and endophytic fungi in the healthy leaves,wheareas Pestalotiopsis guepini and endophytic Guignardia camelliae were dominant in the diseased leaves.Whether leaves were infected by gray spot disease had significant influence on the diversity of endophytic fungi which was higher in healthy leaves than in diseased leaves.
    Basic Properties of the Nonprotein Toxin from Arthrinium phaeospermum
    LI Shu-jiang, ZHU Tian-hui, HU Bin-hong, YANG Li, ZHANG Li-na
    2011, 29(03):  386-390.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.03.016
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    The crude protein toxin and nonprotein toxin were prepared by the ammonium sulphate precipitation from the filtrate of A. phaeospermum cultured in the modified Fries culture medium under the optimum condition.The pathogenicity test showed the former had lower toxic activity than the latter with small molecule.Basic properties indicated that the nonprotein toxin had host-specificity to a certain degree,but not absolutely,and was situated between HST and NHST.Meanwhile,the nonprotein toxin had strong thermal and ultraviolet stabilities,was sensitive to pH,and easily affected by the alkalinity substance.Nine polar substances had different effects on the activity of toxin,which might be polar compound.
    Purification of Rutin Degrading Enzyme from Wild Buckwheat Kernels
    TANG Yu, SHAO Ji-rong, LUO Qing-lin, ZHENG Ya-di, SUN Jun-xiu
    2011, 29(03):  391-396.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.03.017
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    The rutin degrading enzyme which was extracted from seeds of Fagopyrum cymosum,one of wild buckwheat species,could effectively degrade rutin into quercetin.The rutin-degrading enzyme was purified with Sephadex G-100 and DEAE cellulose-32 anion exchange column.The enzyme was purified to 11.3-fold with 3.5% recovery,and the specific activity increased from 59.2 U/mg to 671.4 U/mg.SDS-PAGE analysis revealed a single protein band corresponding to a molecular mass of 60 KDa.Maximum enzyme activity was obtained at 40℃ and pH 5.0. Based on the results in this study,it can be concluded that the rutin-degrading enzyme has great potential to replace the classical acid-hydrolytic method to produce quercetin in industrial application.
    Purification Effect of Ligularia sibirica on Livestock Wastewater
    ZHANG Jun-ping, WANG Ying-jun, DENG Shi-huai
    2011, 29(03):  397-401.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.03.018
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    By selecting Ligularia sibirica which has not been used in wetland as the test plant,and constructing simulating wetland,this study researched the purification effect of the Ligularia sibirica wetland on livestock wastewater.The results showed that the average removal rate of Ligularia sibirica wetland to TP,TN,COD and NH4+-N from the livestock wastewater with high concentration reached 92.73%,82.44%,82.78% and 87.75% respectively,and to those of livestock wastewater with the middle concentration,it also reached 93.50%,88.79%,82.56% and 96.07% respectively.In addition,Ligularia sibirica is more applicable to wastewater that has organic contaminant as the main pollutants.As for the absorption of nitrogen and phosphorus,the contents of N and P in Ligularia sibirica leaves were significantly higher than those in the petioles and roots.Meanwhile,Ligularia sibirica leaves showed initiative absorption of nitrogen and phosphorus in the three treatments.Rhizosphere urease activity of substrate had a significant positive correlation with the removal of TN,and phosphatase activity had a positive but not significant correlation with the removal of TP.So urease activity of substrate can be used as an evaluation index of removal rate of TN,and Ligularia sibirica can be used as a potential wetland plants.
    Study on Liquid Fermentation of Mucor mucedo (L.) Fres
    LONG Ju, WU Yong-jun, HE Ying-xia, YE Jing
    2011, 29(03):  402-406.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.03.019
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    Using yellow hogwash,the byproduct in the production of fermented tofu,as the solvent,via the single element and orthogonal experiment,the optimum medium of Mucor mucedo (L.) Fres is determined:shaking with 28℃,200 r/min,3% soybean powder,0.4% soluble starch,0.2% magnesium sulfate,0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate,0.3% sucrose and yellow hogwash.The adequate C:N ratio in medium is 1.5. The initial optimal inoculum is 6% and pH is 6.0. Through biomass determination,the fermentation in liquid reached the maximum value in the 36 hour(1.363 g/100 mL).
    Effects of Released Quantity of Protein from Waste Brewer's Yeast while Processed by Ultrasonic Wave and Ultraviolet Ray
    DING Hong-wei
    2011, 29(03):  407-410.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.03.020
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    In this paper,in order to release the protein in yeast cell,the technology of ultrasonic wave and ultraviolet ray are used to fracture the cell of waste brewer's yeast.The effect of Ultrasonic wave treatment time,ultraviolet ray treatment time and temperature on the quantity of release protein are studied.The results showed:the three factors had significant effects on protein's release.And the optimum treatment method is that ultrasonic wave treatment time 30 min;ultraviolet ray treatment time 40 min,and temperature 40℃.In this time,the largest released quantity of protein is 0.474 mg/mL,and it is 5.5 times the released quantity of non-treated brewer's yeast cells.
    The Effects of Chicken Meat-Flavor Traits Selection on Feed Conversion Ratio and other Production Traits of Beijing-You Chicken
    LIU Guo-fang, CHEN Ji-lan, HU Juan, WEN Jie, ZHAO Gui-ping, ZHENG Mai-qing, LIU Ran-ran, LIU Wei-ping, ZHAO Li-hong, WAHG Zhu-wei, ZHU Jing
    2011, 29(03):  411-415.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.03.021
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    Beijing-You chicken is characterized by good meat-flavor in meat but low feed conversion ratio.The current study was designed to detect the effects of meat-flavor traits selection on feed conversion ratio and other productive traits of Beijing-You chicken.A total of 510 nine-week-old male Beijing-You chicken were selected from increased 5'-inosinic acid(IMP) selected(IMP+) line and divergent intramuscular fat(IMF) selected(IMF+,IMF-) lines.The feed intake and body weight of each individuals were measured every week until they were slaughtered at 17 weeks old to collect some figures of production traits,which were analyzed by ANOVA program in SAS 8.0 software.The results showed that average daily gain,average daily feed intake,carcass weight,eviscerate weight,breast muscle weight,leg muscle weight,comb weight,testis weight,testis weight percentage,fat strip wide,sebum weight,abdominal fat weight and abdominal fat weight percentage in IMP+ line are significantly higher than that of IMF+ and in IMF-lines(P<0.05).Average daily feed intake,feed to gain ratio,breast and leg IMF content,testis weight and testis weight percentage in IMF+ is obviously higher than that in IMF-(P<0.05).These results demonstrated that the up-selection of chicken meat-flavor traits increased the deposit of abdominal fat weight to some extent,and decreased the feed conversion ratio directly or indirectly.
    The Effects of Different Stages of Egg Production on Broiler Hatching Egg Characteristics in Erlang Mountainous Chicken
    ZHANG Zhi-chao, YIN Hua-dong, ZHAO Xiao-ling, WANG Yan, ZHU Qing
    2011, 29(03):  416-418.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.03.022
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    To study the effects of different stages of egg production on hatching egg characteristics,the hatching egg at 4 different stages of Erlang Mountainous Chicken were collected and hatched,then determined the hatching results.The results suggested that the hatching egg at different stages may be related with their fertilization rate,hatching rate and healthy rate.There were the best results in the 32 weeks,followed by the 40 weeks,then the 25 weeks,and the 48 weeks were the worst.The analysis results suggested that the different egg production have an important effect on hatching egg characteristics.
    Effects of Different Dietary Energy Levels on NPY mRNA Expression Level at the Time before and after Laying and the Traits at the First Laying of Wenchang Chicken
    ZHU Wen-qi, LI Hui-fang, SONG Wei-tao, DU De-ying, WU Rong-rong, XU Wen-juan, XIAO Xiao-jun, CHEN Kuan-wei
    2011, 29(03):  419-423.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.03.023
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    Objective to investigate the effect of different energy level diets on NPY mRNA expression level in hypothalamus and ovary at the time before and after laying(the age of 15 weeks,20 weeks and 25 weeks) and the traits in the first laying.In this research,600 Wenchang chickens were randomly divided into 3 groups:low energy group(GroupⅠ),control energy group(GroupⅡ) and high energy group(Group Ⅲ).There are 5 replications in each group,and 40 chickens in each replication.Subsequently,the age,the body weight and the egg weight in the first laying were recorded accurately.The NPY mRNA expression in hypothalamus and ovary in each energy groups before and after laying were analyzed by RT-PCR.The result showed that the high energy can advance the age of first laying.At the age of 15 weeks,20 weeks and 25 weeks,the NPY mRNA expression level of hypothalamus in low energy group was higher than that in the control and high energy groups,whereas,the NPY mRNA expression level of ovary among the three energy groups had no significant difference.The results indicated that the change of energy level was able to affect the NPY mRNA expression level in hypothalamus and ovary and the sex mature time of Wenchang chicken.
    Factor Analysis of Breeding Scheme for Open Nuclear Population of Luxi Cattle
    ZHANG Qing-feng
    2011, 29(03):  424-428.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.03.024
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    On the basis of the current two-tire nucleus breeding scheme and young bull system for Luxi cattle,deterministic simulation was used to evaluate the breeding efficiency of current scheme.The factors on breeding results of current scheme were analyzed.The results show that only enlarge population and increase nucleus size,it will increase genetic gains and profit,and increasing ratio of seed cow,it will slowly decrease genetic gains and profit after reaching climax.Enlarge number of test bulls;it will increase slowly genetic gains and profit.And widen open degree,it will increase slowly genetic gains and profit after reaching climax.These results suggest that breeding efficiency will be increased by optimizing current breeding scheme.
    A Study on A Decision-making Model of Prime Farmland Based on Quality of Farmland and Location Principle: A Case Study of Dujiangyan City
    WU Wen, HE Hai-qing
    2011, 29(03):  429-436,446.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.03.025
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    In the process of designating prime farmland,such problems exist as determining prime farmland subjectively,catering to economic development too much and neglecting the quality request for farmland.To make the designation of prime farmland more scientific,reasonable and efficient,this study builds the decision-making model of determining prime farmland by computing the value of each factor,based on consideration of the quality of farmland,land fertility and connectivity and combined with the location of farmland.Furthermore,this model is verified in Dujiangyan city,where significant differences exist in landforms such as plains,hills and mountains as well as land quality and regional conditions.The results show that this method is more scientific and reasonable,and can avoid the subjective impact in the process of land planning.
    The Comprehensive Effects of Agreement Protection Mechanism on Transitional Belt Community in Natural Reserve
    TAN Jing, FENG Jie, WANG Shang-wu
    2011, 29(03):  437-441.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.03.026
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    Using the agreement protection mechanism as the experimental material,this study observed the influence and its degree of this mechanism on society,ecology and economy of Mashan village,Li county,Aba autonomous prefecture of Sichuan from 2008 to 2010.The results indicate that the membership of comprehensive evaluation efficiency in each review class is 0.470 3,0.303 95,0.150 45,0.075 3,and all the four memberships fall into the scope of probability.According to the principle of maximum membership,the conclusion can be drawn that "agreement protection" has a positive impact on the promotion of ecological、economic and social development of the community in experimental area.
    Socialist New Countryside Construction under Regulation Innovation
    LI Xi-yuan, YIN Huan-ju
    2011, 29(03):  442-446.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.03.027
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    The construction of socialist new countryside is the important strategic deployment and basic way to solve the "Three rural" issue in the new century and new stage.The theories of system economics and the practice of the rural reform and development have shown that the important power of the new socialist rural construction is system innovation,which is a long-term,hard and complicated system engineering.In order to realize the system innovation,we must follow the basic direction of marketization,industrialization,urbanization,agricultural and country amesiality,pay attention to its synthesis and overcoatability,draw a clear distinction between the primary and the secondary,promote gradually and with emphasis,especially find the right point for innovation.
    Reforms on Single-mode Academic Education for the Master of Agricultural Science Based on the Diverse Needs: A Case Study of Sichuan Agricultural University
    WAN Ying-ping, PAN Guang-tang, LI Tian
    2011, 29(03):  447-450.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.03.028
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    An investigation has been performed on the employment of full-time agricultural science graduate students in Sichuan agricultural university,and the results have shown that the divorce of single-mode academic education for the Master's degree from the diverse social needs is mainly responsible for the co-existence of employment crisis and talent shortage.Thus,it is suggested that reforms should be carried out on the single-mode academic education for the Master's degree by optimizing the structure of degree education,innovating the mode of talent training and strengthening the construction of teaching resources as to adapt to the multi-trends of social talent needs.