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31 March 2011, Volume 29 Issue 01
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  • Caryopsis Dormancy and Seedling Drought Tolerance of Wild Barley, Hordeum spontaneum at “Evolution Canyon” Microsite, Israel
    JUN Yan, YING Wang, Yitzchak Gutterman, Eviatar Nevo, CHENG Jian-ping
    2011, 29(01):  1-5.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.01.001
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    Wild barley, Hordeum spontaneum, is the progenitor of cultivated barley(H. vulgare).The depth of caryopsis dormancy(germinability) and seedling drought-tolerance are extremely important characteristics of H. spontaneum in the Mediterranean climate.The dormancy depth and seedling drought tolerance of wild barley were investigated at three microsites of "Evolution Canyon", Israel.The south-facing slope(SFS) presents the xeric and warmer habitat, the north-facing slope(NFS) presents the mesic and cooler conditions, and the ecological factors at the bottom area of the canyon are between SFS and NFS.The obtained results showed that caryopses from SFS had significantly deeper dormancy than those from the NFS.Moreover, the seedling revival ability after periods of drought resistance was also significantly higher in caryopses collected from the SFS than from NFS sites, whereas the dormancy and seedling revival ability at the bottom of the canyon showed an intermediate inter-slope pattern.Thus, dormancy depth is positively and significantly correlated with seedling revival after drought.These results display that the microhabitat environment is the dominant adaptive factor in the natural selection for seeds dormancy as well as seedlings drought tolerance of wild barley, and it overrides any inters-lope migration and parallels regional patterns across Israel.
    Genetic Variations of High Molecular Weight Glutenin Subunits in Triticum araraticum Jakubz.
    XU Li-li, ZHONG Mei-yu, LI Wei, WEI Yu-ming
    2011, 29(01):  6-9,15.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.01.002
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    In order to provide basic materials for the quality improvement, 264 accessions of T. araraticum were analyzed with SDS-PAGE.The results showed that there were 5 Ax, 5 Ay, 4 Gx and 3 Gy subunits, resulting in 20 HMW-GS combinations, among which, combinations Ax1+Ay(A), Gx(A) and Ax1, Gx(A) were the most frequent combinations in T. araraticum, accounting for 18.94% and 18.18%, respectively.Among 264 accessions of T. araraticum, the expressed Ay and Gx subunits were detected in 59.85% and 94.32%, while Gy only observed in 20.08% T. araraticum accessions.These results indicated that the Glu-A1 had higher genetic diversity than the Glu-G1.
    On Effect of Balanced Fertilization on Rice Yield and its Components at Longxi River Basin
    QI Hui, WU Jun, HAN Qiao, YE Xiao-li, YANG Qin
    2011, 29(01):  10-15.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.01.003
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    The "3414" optimal design of quadratic regression program was used in this experiment to study the balanced fertilization model of rice, which holds the largest planting area of crop at Longxi river basin.The effects of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium on yield of rice were investigated and the fertilizer response functions were built to explore a set of high-yield balanced fertilization model, so as to provide guidance for the fertilization management in the production of rice.The results showed that among the 14 treatments, the highest rice yield appeared in treatment 7(N 210 kg/hm2, P2O5 315 kg/hm2, K2O 150 kg/hm2).Among the components of yield, 1 000-grain weight, grain number per panicle and effective panicle were the primary ones affected by N, P, K, respectively.N, P, K combination could increase the rice yield and the primary influencing factors affecting the rice yield was nitrogen, followed by potassium and phosphorus.In order to obtain rice yield of more than 5 500 kg/hm2, the suitable fertilization program was as follows:pure nitrogenous of 238.25~286.75 kg/hm2, pure phosphorus of 100.91~214.09 kg/hm2 and pure potassium of 41.13~92.20 kg/hm2.
    Clone and Sequence Analysis of a Transcription Factor Gene FtMYB1 from Fagopyrum tataricum
    BAI Yue-chen, TAO Liang, MENG Hua, LI Cheng-lei, CHEN Hui, WU Qi
    2011, 29(01):  16-21.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.01.004
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    A transcription factor gene FtMYB1 was isolated from the flower buds of Fagopyrum tataricum by RACE-PCR method.The results showed that the full-length DNA of FtMYB1 was 863 bp(GenBank, JF313344) with two introns, 78 bp intron-1(134-211 bp) and 74 bp intron-2(342-415 bp).Meanwhile, the full-length cDNA of FtMYB1 was 711 bp(GenBank, JF313345).The open reading frame(ORF) of FtMYB1 encodes 236 amino acid residues with a predicted molecular mass of 26.9 kDa and an isoelectric point of 6.33.Sequence analysis and homology modeling have suggested that FtMYB1 shows high homology with other botanic MYB.
    Community Types and the Biodiversity of Farmhouse Forest in Western Sichuan Province
    SUN Da-jiang, CHEN Qi-bing, HU Ting-xing, LIU Guang-li, SUN Da-yuan, LUO Qi-gao
    2011, 29(01):  22-28.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.01.005
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    As a principal rusticity landscape, the farmhouse forests in western Sichuan province(FFWS) might be defined as a complex habitation mode or farming type that combines production, daily life and landscape.Meanwhile, the core of FFWS is trees and bamboo, and the main inscapes of this landscape are water, houses and fields.24 sample sites were chosen to analyze the foundation of FFWS, and to investigate their community characteristics such as community type, plane and vertical structures etc..The results indicate that ① the plants in FFWS might be classified into 5 groups of vegetation types, 11 vegetation types and 107 formations;② the main vegetation types of FFWS are evergreen broad-leaved forests and bamboo stands, and the frequency is 25% and 32%, respectively;③ the plane structure of communities is characterized by the pure plantations, with the low diversity of the plants and monotonous landscape, and the dominant plants are metasequoia(Metasequoia glyptostroboides), or cedar(Cedrus deodara), or affinis bamboo(Neosinocalamus Keng f.);④ the vertical structure of DFWS might be divided into two groups, one is mono-layer type, and the other is multilayer type.Arbor forest is the dominating community of the multilayer type, by contrast, the frequency of shrub-grass and mono-layer grass is lower(4% and 3%, respectively).The commonly-seen vertical structures of communities are arbor-shrub-grass, arbor-shrub and arbor-grass, among which the arbor-grass shows the highest frequency(38%).
    A Study on the Relationship between the Radial Growth of Picea purpuea and the Climatic Factors in Wanglang National Nature Reserve
    TAN Liu-yi, ZHAO Zhi-jiang, KANG Dong-wei, KANG Wen, LI Jun-qing
    2011, 29(01):  29-34.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.01.006
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    Picea purpuea is a major forest type in Wanglang National Nature Reserve.10 round sample plots whose radii were 8 m were set up to core tree-rings for dendrochronology study in its mainly distributed virgin forest.The results showed that a release event occurred more than once in most samples.Besides, tree-ring width chronologies including RES and STD were established by ARSTAN.The results of correlation analysis between RES chronology and climatic factors showed that temperature in previous July, August and current June, October was significantly correlated with the radial growth of Picea purpuea.The precipitation in previous December had a negative correlation with the radial growth of Picea purpuea.However, temperature was the major climatic factor influencing tree-ring growth.The relationship was verified by single year analysis.By doing dendrochronology study, we can learn about the growth of Picea purpuea in this area and understand the responding mechanism of tree growth to climate change scientifically, which can provide fundamental basis for predicting the effects of climate change on tree growth, distribution and conservation.
    Analysis of Correlation between Tourist Influence as well as Vegetation Landscape Characteristics and Geographical Factors in Wuyishan Scenery District
    YOU Wei-bin, HE Dong-jin, ZHAN Shi-hua, HONG Wei, WU Li-yun, WANG Ying-zi, CHEN Bing-rong, YU Jian-an, FAN Sheng-feng
    2011, 29(01):  35-39,68.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.01.007
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    Vegetation landscape, as the important scenery resources, gets more and more disturbed with visitors increasing in Wuyishan scenery district.Some evaluating standards of vegetation landscape characteristics including sensitive level, landscape importance value and information index of species diversity are adopted to analyze the correlation between tourist influencing factors as well as vegetation landscape characteristics and geographical factors.It shows that human geographical factors have more effects on tourist influencing factors than physical geographical factors.And human geographical factors also possess more impact on vegetation landscape characteristics in Wuyishan scenery district.Finally, as the world nature and culture heritage site, local decision maker in Wuyishan scenery district must strengthen scientific management and unified planning of tourism development to protect the vegetation landscape.
    A Study on Genetic Diversity of wild Auricularia auricula in Greater Khingan Mountains Area Based on ITS Sequence Analysis
    LIU Hua-jing, XU Xiu-hong, JIANG Ting-bo, ZOU Xue-zhong
    2011, 29(01):  40-44.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.01.008
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    Genetic relationship among different strains was disclosed by analyzing the internal transcribed spacer(ITS) sequences of 14 wild Auricularia auricula strains and 6 cultivated strains from Greater Khingan Mountains area.The software ClustalX 1.83 and MEGA 4.1 were used to conduct the phylogeny analysis.The results were as follows:the information sites of ITS Region(ITS1+5.8S+ITS2) reached 52.1%, which proved that ITS sequence could provide strong evidences for the genetic relationship among Auricularia auricular strains.② in MP trees, Auricularia auricula strains were obviously divided into 2 groups, and there were more genetic diversities in wild strains than in cultivated strains.
    Preparation and Regeneration of Beauveria bassiana(Balsamo) Vuillemin Proto
    LI Shu-jiang, ZHU Tian-hui, HAN Shan, QIAO Tian-min, YAN Xiao-xing, LI Fang-lian, FENG Min-fu
    2011, 29(01):  45-51.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.01.009
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    The protoplast was prepared from mycelia of Beauveria bassiana(Balsamo) Vuillemin by enzymatic hydrolysis through liquid culture, and the conditions of regeneration were studied by means of one way experiment.The results showed that the optimal regeneration conditions were as follows:mycelium was cultured 78 h on L-broth culture medium, 0.8 mol/L KCl(regeneration:0.6 mol/L sucrose) was osmotic stabilizer, the citric acid sodium citrate was buffer system, Cellulase:Snailase:Lysozyme=5:2.5:2.5(mg/mL), with digesting 3 h in 32℃ water baths(natural pH).
    The POD Isozyme Analysis of Introduced Echinacea purpurea from Different Provenance
    HAN Lin-na, ZHOU Feng-qin
    2011, 29(01):  52-55.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.01.010
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    The genetic diversity of introduced Echinacea purpurea, from 8 different provenance were analyzed by using the technique of peroxidase(POD) isozymes.The sibship among them was studied by index analysis.The results show that obvious differences exist among them in the number of bands, Rf and amount of POD isozyme.Introduced E. purpurea from Linyi is distantly related to other 7 species. E. purpurea from Changsha is close to purple spots stem species from Huairou.Green stem species and purple stem species from Huairou have the same enzyme spectrum.Thus, peroxidase isozyme patterns can be a useful marker for genetic diversity of Echinacea purpurea from different provenance.
    Purification and Analysis of Monosaccharide Composition of Ligusticum chuanxiong Polysaccharide
    SUN Xiao-chun, YAN Jun, HE Gang, ZHANG Liang-lei, YI Yong, GOU Xiao-jun
    2011, 29(01):  56-60.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.01.011
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    To study the monosaccharide compositions and molecular weights of Ligusticum chuanxiong polysaccharide, and lay the foundation for pharmacometry and processing of proprietary Chinese medicine, the polysaccharide was extracted by hot water and precipitated by alcohol.The product was purified by DEAE-Cellulose, molecular weights were determined by high performance gel permeation chromatography(HPGPC) and the monosaccharide compositions were determined by HPLC using precolumn derivatization with 1-phenyl-3-methyl-5-pyrazolone(PMP).The results showed that three polysaccharides(LCXP-1, LCXP-2 and LCXP-3) were obtained, molecular weights were 11.916, 20.793 and 701.875 kDa, respectively.Both LCXP-1 and LCXP-2 were composed of mannose, glucose, galactose and arabinose in molar ratio of 1:495:3.7:1.2 and 1:632:4.3:1.2;LCXP-3 was composed of mannose, rhamnose, galacturonic acid, glucose, galactse and arabinose in molar ratio of 1:6.5:1.5:248:50:14.The method is accurate and sensitive, thus suitable for the analysis of monosaccharide composition of Ligusticum chuanxiong polysaccharide.
    The Establishment of Leaf Regeneration System of Different Potato Varieties
    ZHANG Zhi-wei, ZHAO Jun, FAN Ming-shou, YANG Fan
    2011, 29(01):  61-68.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.01.012
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    The regeneration system of six potato varieties was established with leaves as explants.The results showed that 6-BA and GA3 both had notably effect on callus growth and adventitious bud differentiation rate of potatoes.The concentration of 6-BA in the highest callus growth of different potatoes was "Atlantic", "Desiree" and "Hutou" 1 mg/L, "Favorite" and "Sharpdi" 2 mg/L, "Zihuabai" 3 mg/L respectively;the GA3 in the highest callus growth of different mediums was "Atlantic", "Favorite", "Sharpdi" and "Zihuabai" 5 mg/L, "Desiree" 0.02 and 0.15 mg/L, "Hutou" 0.02, 0.05 and 0.1 mg/L respectively.The highest callus growth in different potatoes was "Atlantic" 0.039 5 g, "Favorite" 0.037 5 g, "Sharpdi" 0.041 g, "Zihuabai" 0.039 6 g, "Desiree" 0.042 5 g and "Hutou" 0.039 5 g respectively.The 6-BA in the highest adventitious bud differentiation rate of potatoes was "Atlantic", "Favorite" and "Sharpdi" 2 mg/L, "Zihuabai" and "Desiree" 1 mg/L, "Hutou" 0.1 mg/L respectively.The GA3 in the highest adventitious bud differentiation rate of potatoes was "Atlantic" 0 mg/L, "Favorite" 2 mg/L, "Sharpdi" 1 mg/L, "Zihuabai" 5 mg/L, "Desiree" and "Hutou" 0.1 mg/L respectively.The highest adventitious buds differentiation rates in different mediums were "Atlantic" 18.18%, "Favorite" 13.04%, "Sharpdi" 17.86%, "Zihuabai" 15.00%, "Desiree" 44.44% and "Hutou" 47.83% respectively.The optimal medium for rooting induction was 1/2 MS+0.1 mg/L NAA, and the rooting rates were "Atlantic" 95.2%, "Favorite" 83.3%, "Sharpdi" 92.4%, "Zihuabai" 94.8%, "Desiree" 96.7% and "Hutou" 95.6%.The survival rate of six potatoes was all above 90%.
    Effects of Chilling Injury on Storage Quality and Flesh Lignification of Postharvest “Dawuxing” Loquat Fruits
    FU Ting-ting, QIN Wen, ZHANG Zheng-zhou
    2011, 29(01):  69-74.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.01.013
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    To elucidate the quality deterioration, especially the lignification pattern of loquat fruit stored at low temperatures, the effects of chilling injury on storage quality and flesh lignification of postharvest "Dawuxing" loquat fruits were investigated, which would provide theoretical basis for storage of loquat fruits.Freshly harvested "Dawuxing" loquat fruits were stored at chilling injury temperature(3±1)℃ (3℃ for short hereinafter) or non-chilling temperature(8±1)℃ (8℃ for short hereinafter) for 30 days.The quality and related indicator changes were monitored periodically during storage.The results showed that chilling symptoms appeared on loquat fruits after 10 days of storage at 3℃, while there is no obvious chilling symptoms occurring within 30 days of storage at 8℃.Chilling injury accelerated the increase in weight loss, membrane permeability, lignin content, PAL and POD activity and promoted the decrease in the contents of TSS, TA and VC.In conclusion, chilling injury can accelerate the quality deterioration and play down the edible value and merchandise value of postharvest loquat fruits.
    Effects of Protected Cultivation on Soil Structure and Soil Water Characteristics
    WANG Yong-dong, ZHENG Zi-cheng, LI Ting-xuan, ZHANG Xi-zhou, ZENG Li
    2011, 29(01):  75-79.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.01.014
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    Soil water characteristics under the condition of protected cultivation were analyzed by measuring soil water structure and soil water retention curves.The results showed that soil water retention curve in greenhouse soil was lower than that of the same level in the open-air soil, and soil water holding capability declined in greenhouse soil.There was a significant power function relationship between soil moisture and soil water suction.Soil total porosity and soil capillary porosity increased at 0~40 cm soil layer under the condition of protected cultivation, thus increasing soil water constant such as field capacity and available water content and so on.Protected cultivation would help to improve soil structure of the arable layer.Soil water supply in greenhouse soil and the open-air soil decreased progressively with soil suction increasing, and water supply capacity of the upper-layer soil was better than that of subsoil.The water capacity reached 10-2 level at soil suction of 0.06 MPa.The soil water was more available for plant uptaking at 0~20 cm layer to greenhouse soil than that of the open-air soil when soil suction was less than 0.06 MPa.
    Synergistic Effects of Jiabeisha on Jinggangmycins against Corn Sheath Blight
    CHEN Hua-bao, ZHANG Jin-kang, YANG Chun-ping, LIU Gang, FANG Min, QIAO Hao-zhong, ZHANG Min
    2011, 29(01):  80-83.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.01.015
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    Synergistic mechanism of Jiabeisha to Jinggangmycins against corn sheath blight was preliminarily studied.Results of physical and chemical properties showed that the Jinggangmycins solvent mixed with Jiabeisha could lower the surface tension of the solution and the contact angle on the surface of maize leaves, and increase sediment yield on the surface of maize leaves.The optimal mixed dose of Jiabeisha accounted for 15 percent of Jinggangmycins application.The results of in vitro and field experiment showed that that Jiabeisha had no obvious synergistic effect on Jinggangmycins in vitro, but could improve the control efficacy of Jinggangmycins against corn sheath blight.It could be deduced that synergistic mechanism of Jiabeisha to Jinggangmycins against corn sheath blight was that the physical and chemical properties were changed.
    Soil Erosion Estimation of the Upriver Areas of Fu River Watershed Based on Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System
    LI Ting, YU Qing-xiu, ZHANG Shi-rong
    2011, 29(01):  84-88.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.01.016
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    Quantitative research on the soil erosion in the upriver areas of Tuojiang River was carried out via utilizing USLE model combined with GIS and RS technology.The results indicated that most soil erosion in the study area was slight, which made up 85.65% of the whole study area;the light soil erosion accounted for 9.13% of the area while the moderate erosion accounted for 2.89%;the severe, more severe and extremely severe erosion accounted for 2.33% of the total area.The soil erosion of the Upriver Areas of Fu River Watershed was greatly related with its terrain and land use type, and the high soil erosion intensity appeared in the area with heavy damage vegetation.
    Realization of Embedded Fruit Size Detecting and Grading System Based on ARM
    DANG Hong-she, SONG Jin-guo, GUO Qin
    2011, 29(01):  89-93.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.01.017
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    This study presents an embedded fruit size detecting and grading system.In order to reduce the complexity and cost of the fruit size detecting and grading system, the embedded ARM9 system is used to perform data processing instead of computer.Fruit side view image is captured by using CMOS camera connected to the embedded hardware.After image preprocessing including filter and image gray, a good fruit size detecting algorithm is used to get its diameter value.According to the diameter information, fruit grading is realized.Under the Qt/Embedded software platform, the overall software is implemented on the embedded system.After that, experiments are carried out.It could accomplish the process of fruit size detecting and grading in 1.5 seconds and its average accuracy is more than 93 percent.The results show that the embedded fruit detecting and grading system has the advantage of high processing speed, high accuracy of grading and low cost.So, the system is of highly practical value in fruit size detecting and grading areas.
    The Effect of Different Oligosaccharides on Performance and Serum Biochemical Parameters in the Weaned Piglets
    LIN Yu-ning, FENG Jing, WU Chun-cao, WANG Jian-hua
    2011, 29(01):  94-97.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.01.018
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    28±2 day-old Rongchang weaned piglets were randomly divided into 4 groups(0.4% fructo oligosaccharide(FOS), 0.02% xylo-oligosaccharide(XOS), 0.4% FOS and 0.02% XOS and control) based on the same basic diet to study the effect of FOS and XOS on the growth performance and serum biochemical parameters of weaned piglets.The trial lasted 4 weeks and each group had suitable replications.Results showed that supplemented with 0.4% FOS or 0.02% XOS significantly increased average daily gain(ADG)(P<0.05) and decreased diarrhea ratio(P<0.05) as compared with the control, FOS increased average daily feed intake(ADFI) and XOS decreased feed/gain(F/D).In addition, as compared with the control, XOS decreased serum total cholesterol(TC) and triglyceride(TG) significantly(P<0.05), FOS increased high density lipoprotein(HDL) (P<0.05), the concentration of glutamic pyruvic transaminase(GPT) and glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase(GOT) had no significant difference among all groups(P>0.05).Oligosaccharide can significantly improve performance in the weaned piglets by the test of different indexs on weaned piglet which is raised by feed with oligosaccharide.
    Ruminal Degradability of Silkworm Feces and Common Roughage in Goat
    BAI Xue, GUO Chun-hua, HUANG Yan-ling, YIN Yong-zhi, WANG Yong, ZHU Wan-lin, FU Xi-san
    2011, 29(01):  98-102.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.01.019
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    The experiment was based on three Lezhi black emasculated goats fitted with rumen cannulas, which were used for the measurement of the degradability of the dry matter, crude protein and crude fiber in silkworm feces and several crude feedstuffs, such as corn straw silage, peanut vine, soybean straw, sweet potato vine and bean straw.The results showed that the degradability rate of the dry matter, crude protein and crude fiber within 72 hours in silkworm feces was 43.32%, 45.47% and 36.05% respectively, the corn straw silage was 49.77%、54.67% and 20.70% respectively, the peanut vine was 43.00%, 60.11% and 18.45%, the soybean straw was 31.91%, 55.84% and 16.18%, the sweet potato vine was 50.72%, 51.98% and 22.87%, and the bean straw was 32.97%, 52.92% and 14.34%.In conclusion, the silkworm feces have high nutritional value and cheaper and can be used as goat feedstuff.
    Isolation and Identification of Pseudomonas fluorescents from Andrias davidianus
    DU Zong-jun, HUANG Xiao-li, DENG Yong-qiang, WANG Kai-yu, GENG Yi, CHEN De-fang
    2011, 29(01):  103-107.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.01.020
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    Bacterial strain S100814 was isolated from cultured Andrias davidianus in Hongya Sichuan Province.The strain was proved to be the pathogen of the disease by artificial infection test.The isolated strain was identified as Pseudomonas fluorescents by morphology, physiology, as well as 16SrDNA sequence(Accessible Number in GenBank:HQ880245).The isolated strain in TSA was hoar circular translucent colonies.The stain was short gram-negative bacterium.Glucose, arabinose, sorbitol, inositol, contact enzyme, two-arginine hydrolase, liquefied gelatin were positive;Maltose, lactose, mannitol, indole reaction, V-P test, maltose, H2S production were negative.It's physiological and biochemical characteristics were same with Pseudomonas fluorescence.The results showed that the strain was sensitive to doxycycline and novobiocin and resistance to enrofloxacin, gentamycin, amikacin, and florfenicol.
    Effects of Yttrium(Y3+) on Growth and Antioxidant Enzyme of Microcystis aeruginosa
    WANG Ying-jun, JIN Hang-biao, CHEN Yan, GAO Peng, YU You
    2011, 29(01):  108-113.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.01.021
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    In order to study the impact of different initial yttrium(Y3+) concentrations on the growth and the content of antioxidant enzymes of Microcystis aeruginosa, the M. aeruginosa FACHB912 was used and the growth of M. aeruginosa cells, superoxide dismutase(SOD), peroxidase(POD), catalase activity and the content of malondiadehyde(MDA) were determined with different Y3+ concentrations.The results showed that relatively low concentrations of Y3+(0.05~0.20 mg/L) have obvious auxo-actions to the growth of M. aeruginosa, while the higher concentrations(0.50~10.00 mg/L) of Y3+ could partly, even completely, inhibit the growth of M.aeruginos.When the concentrations under 0.50~10.00 mg/L, the content of malondiadehyde(MDA) was increased immediately and the enzymatic activity of antioxidant was reduced on the contrary, which lead to the decline of the ability of eliminating the active oxygen and then, the antioxidant defense system was destroyed, the growth of M. aeruginosa was seriously inhibited finally.
    Evaluation on the Production Characteristics of Mixture Grassland with Different Ratio of Hemarithria compressa and Medicago varia
    SHU Si-min, FU Xian-tao, YANG Chun-hua, CHEN Ling-zhi, HE Ling-fei
    2011, 29(01):  114-118.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.01.022
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    This experiment was to evaluate the producing characteristics of mixed cut-grassland with different ratio of whipgrass(Hemarthria compressa cv."Guangyi") and alfalfa(Medicago sativa cv."Shengshi") by measuring the height of plant, canopy and yield before each cut, and then supply a theoretical basis for the building and management of mixed cut-grassland.The results showed that the treatments of LC2(50% "Guangyi" +50% "Shengshi") and LC1(75% "Guangyi" +25% "Shengshi") were both the optional mixture combinations.In mixed grassland, the height of "Shengshi" was increased and that of "Guangyi" was decreased.And in all treatments, the average of leaf area index(LAI) of mixed grassland was lower than that of monocultured "Guangyi" grassland.Furthermore, the yield of mixed cut-grassland was more than that of monoculture.
    Study on Stock Estimation and Utilization Status of Agricultural Residue Resources at a County
    WANG Chen, HU Yu-fu, WEI Jin, DENG Liang-ji, HU Yan
    2011, 29(01):  119-123,135.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.01.023
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    On the basis of field investigation and reference to the results from correlative studies, the approaches and parameters of estimation of annual quantity of stock were defined.The study chose Boyang village in Anxian County as an example, and analyzed the status and the stock of agricultural residue utilization.The results showed that there were many agricultural residue types and a great of stock, but the geographical distribution was different in the research area.The stock of agricultural residue was 3 415.44 tons in 2009, corresponding to 901.06 tons of standard coal and 118 641.55 m3 of biogas.The study also pointed out that the comprehensive utilization rate of agricultural residue was comparatively low and the resources were wasted seriously, which led to serious pollution of the environment
    Effects of the Financial Support on the Improvement of Farmers' Operating Income——A Re-examination Based on Statistical Data from 1991 to 2008
    YANG Min, JIANG Yuan-sheng
    2011, 29(01):  124-128.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.01.024
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    In this study, the effects of financial support on improving farmers' operating income has been analyzed, based on statistical data from 1991 to 2008 by using ADF test, cointegration test and error correction model.The results show that the increasing absolute amount of state financial support for agriculture in recent years has played a certain role in increasing per capita family income, but this role is not satisfactory in promoting long-term or short-term results.The effects of financial support for agriculture on increasing farmers' income are still needed to be promoted.Therefore, some recommendations are proposed, such as adjusting distribution of national income and improving financial support for agriculture;establishing long-term stability mechanisms of financial support for agriculture;encouraging and attracting social capital investment etc..
    Investigation on Financial Performance Evaluation System of Farmer Cooperatives in Sichuan Province
    LIU Wen, JIA Xian-wei, YUAN Lin
    2011, 29(01):  129-135.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.01.025
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    In recent years, a number of farmer cooperatives in China have increased rapidly, while domestic scholars generally ignore the quality problems on the development of farmer cooperatives, which calls for the reasonable measure of financial performance.Based on this background, this study investigated the farmer cooperatives in Sichuan province, constructed the reasonable index system of financial performance assessment and made an empirical examination of the research samples using analytic hierarchy and efficiency coefficient method.The empirical results show that the index system of financial performance is effective.Thus, the results of this study are helpful to enhancing the financial performance of the farmer cooperatives and overall capability of household services, and adhering to the development both in quality and quantity.
    Impacts of the Natural Disasters on Poverty Vulnerability of Farmer Households——Based on Empirical Analysis of Yunnan Province in 2009
    ZHANG Guo-pei, ZHUANG Tian-hui
    2011, 29(01):  136-140.  doi:10.3969/j.issn.1000-2650.2011.01.026
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    The natural disasters will make a great impact on farmers who live mainly on agricultural production.Sometimes, the frequently-occurring disasters will be one of the main factors leading to farmers' poverty or re-poverty.To study the influence degree of natural disasters on farmer households' poverty and vulnerability, and find out the main factors resulting in farmers' poverty, the factor analytic method and the principal components analytic method are utilized to make a quantitative analysis of 16 state cities' cross-section data of Yunnan province in 2009.The results show that the geographical environment is the main factor affecting farmers' vulnerability:poverty vulnerability in the northern part of Yunnan is obviously higher than that of the southern part, and vulnerability in high altitude area is also correspondingly high.At the safeguard level:vulnerability is higher in the areas with weak economic strength and imperfect security system.According to the actual situation of Yunnan province, some proposals are supplied:according to vulnerability differences in different places, the government should expand the building of infrastructural facilities, develop economy in the backward areas, raise the local safeguard level, strengthen various cities' ability to resist natural disasters, and reduce disaster's risk.