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association between single nucleotide polymorphisms of first exon of the melanogenic-related TYR gene and the plumage color traits of ducks

  • Received:2017-09-26 Revised:2018-04-15 Online:2018-04-23 Published:2018-11-29

摘要: 摘要:【目的】本研究旨在探究鸭羽色群体中TYR外显子1单核苷酸多态性与羽色性状的相关性。【方法】以樱桃谷鸭D系与连城白鸭杂交后代F1自群繁育得到的四个羽色群体为实验样本,对其进行采血提取DNA并记录羽色性状,扩增得到TYR基因外显子1序列,送至测序并分析其SNP位点分布与羽色性状的相关性。【结果】结果表明:鸭TYR基因外显子1长843 bp,编码281个氨基酸,核苷酸序列与鸡相似性为99%,A+T共417个碱基(49.46%),C+G共438个碱基(51.95%)。A+T含量与G+C含量大致相同;比对外显子1序列后发现,存在1个新发现的SNP位点(507 T→C),属无义突变,该位点存在3种基因型(TT CT CC);通过卡方标准检验,表明基因型分布在各个羽色群体中分布差异不显著;得到羽色性状分布与C基因频率(P=0.07)、CC基因型频率的相关系数(P=0.055),可知羽色性状分布与C基因型频率存在一致性,但不显著.【结论】TYR可能并非控制羽色的主效基因,但它和羽色存在相关性。

关键词: 关键词:鸭, TYR 基因, 羽色, SNP, PCR, 关联分析

Abstract: Abstract: 【Object】 This study was to discover the correlation between single polymorphisms(SNPs) of first exon of the TYR gene among the four groups categorized by color and the plumage color traits. 【Method】 the materials are selected from the offspring (F2) of F1 (all gray) which came from the crossing of the cherry valley D strain and white LianCheng.The blood samples which was extracted for DNA and the pictures of their feather are taken,while We used PCR to clone first exon of TYR over 160 individuals,sended it for sequencing,found its SNPs,and get it analyzed【Result】 The first exon of TYR consisted of 843 nucleotides encoding 281 amino acid residues,the nucleotide sequence is 99% likely with the same gene in chicken.After alignment for the sequence,we found one SNP(507 T→C) in it, which leads to no change in amino acid encoding,there are three genetypes for it(TT CT CC);The chi-square test tells us that there is no significant difference of genetypes distribution among the four groups categorized by colour;The correlation indexs between the distribution of melanin in feather and the frequency of C gene(P=0.07) and CC genetype (P=0.055) indicates that there is consistency between them,but not significant. 【Conclusion】 The TYR gene may not be the major gene which controls the plumage color traits of ducks,but there is correlation between TYR and the distribution of melanin.

Key words: Key word:duck, TYR, feather colour, SNP, PCR, correlation analysis