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  1. 四川农业大学
  • 收稿日期:2017-07-11 修回日期:2018-01-19 出版日期:2018-02-28 发布日期:2018-11-29
  • 通讯作者: 李利 E-mail:lilyzh002@sohu.com
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The Novel SNPs in ARHGAP11A Gene and Their Association with Growth Traits in Nanjiang Yellow Goats

  • Received:2017-07-11 Revised:2018-01-19 Online:2018-02-28 Published:2018-11-29

摘要: (目的)为探讨ARHGAP11A基因与家畜生长性状的关联。(方法)试验以南江黄羊 (母羊,n=243)为试验材料,采用PCR产物直接测序筛选ARHGAP11A基因的SNP位点并分析其与性状之间的关联。(结果)南江黄羊群体中共发现ARHGAP11A基因16个SNPs位点。g.3483A>G和g.3621G>A的纯合突变具有增加南江黄羊体重(2月龄、6月龄和12月龄)以及胸围(6月龄)指标的趋势(P>0.05),而在g.3525A>G位点AG型羊初生重、12月龄体重和12月龄胸围显著高于GG型个体(P<0.05)。AAGT单倍型山羊体重体尺均高于AGGT和GGAT个体(P>0.05)。(结论)南江黄羊母羊群体中ARHGAP11A基因突变与生长发育密切相关,进一步验证其功能后在选育中可考虑其作为辅助选择标记。

关键词: 南江黄羊, ARHGAP11A基因, 单核苷酸多态性位点(SNP), 生长性能, 关联分析

Abstract: [Objective] The objective of this study was to investigate the linkage between ARHGAP11A gene and the growth traits of livestock. [Method] Using Nanjiang Yellow goats (female, n=243) as experimental materials,then detected the single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in ARHGAP11A gene by direct sequencing and analyzed the potential effects of these SNPs with the growth traits. [Results] A total of novel 16 SNPs of ARHGAP11A gene were identified in Nanjiang Yellow goats. In addition, homozygous mutations at g.3483A>G and g.3621G>A were related with increased body weight (2 months, 6 months and 12 months) and chest circumference (6 months) (P>0.05). Meanwhile at g.3525A>G, individuals with AG genotype were significantly larger than those of GG-genotype goats, especially body weight at birth and 12 month and chest circumference at 12 month (P<0.05). Furthermore, comparing with AGGT and GGAT goats, AAGT-haplotype individuals tended to be dominant at body mass and size (P>0.05). [Conclusion] These results preliminarily elucidate that polymorphisms of ARHGAP11A gene are closely related to the development of female Nanjiang Yellow goats, which could be used as molecular marker in breeding when the effects of these mutations are further proved.

Key words: Nanjiang Yellow Goat, ARHGAP11A, single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP), growth trait, correlation analysis