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  1. 四川农业大学
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Pathological diagnosis of ascites disease with hybrid sturgeon

HUANG Xiaoli   

  • Received:2017-06-08 Revised:2018-01-17 Online:2018-02-28 Published:2018-11-29
  • Contact: HUANG Xiaoli E-mail:hxldyq@126.com

摘要: 【目的】为确定杂交鲟腹水症的病因。【方法】在无菌操作下从发病鲟的肝、脾、肾中分离病原菌;对鳃、体表黏液和肠道内容物进行压片,检查寄生虫;利用病理学技术观察病鲟的病理损伤特点。【结果】该病的主要靶器官为脾脏、肝脏、头肾和体肾,病鱼主要表现为坏死性脾炎、肝炎、肾炎和肠炎。高倍光学显微油镜下,脾脏、肝脏中有大量成簇状生长的短杆状细菌。【结论】综上,判定该病为杆状细菌引起。证明了病理学技术在该病诊断中的重要作用。

关键词: 关键词:病理学诊断, 杂交鲟, 腹水症

Abstract: 【Objective】To determine the etiology of ascites syndrome in hybrid sturgeon. 【Methods】 Pathogens were isolated from liver, spleen and kidney of diseased fish under aseptic operation. The gills, body mucus and intestinal contents were compressed and examined for parasites. Pathological techniques were used to observe the pathological damage of diseased fish Features. 【Results】 The main target organ of the disease was spleen, liver, head kidney and body kidney. The disease mainly showed necrotic spleen inflammation, hepatitis, nephritis and enteritis. Observed under high-power optical microscope with cedar oil, the spleen and liver has a large number of clusters of growth of short rod-shaped bacteria.【Conclusion】 To sum up,the disease is caused by a bacterium belonging to the Bacillus. Demonstrating the important role of pathology in the diagnosis of the disease.

Key words: Key words:pathological diagnosis, hybrid sturgeon, ascites syndrome


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